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Hey guys. Listener and member here and I could use some advice. I have a 94 day auto getting ready for harvest here in the next few days. I am leaving for Colorado on Nov 8th and wont be back until Nov 12th. I don’t have anyone that i can trust to water and look after the ladies while i’m gone. I’ve set up a drip system for the time I will be gone for my plants in veg but I am worried about what i should do with the blue dream up for harvest. I really would like to see her fade more, she still has some dark leaves but trichs look ready. I can harvest tomorrow on day 95 and let her dry for 4 days in my tent and have 1 day to burp the jar. Before leaving town. Is there a way to slowly burp or cure? This is from 1 plant and is probably only about 1 to maybe 2 ozs. Would you guys wait until i got back to cut her down? If that’s the option should I place her in the dark for 4 days i’m gone and let her dry up. The drip set up i have is for 4 plants and all are used up so I really wasn’t planning to have this plant around still. She just matured really slow. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks guys.
Stay Irie.