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Hey DGC—

Member for a few months now and I always appreciate everyone’s help. Just wanted to check in and see what to do with start of week 7 tomorrow on a 10 week strain

I am growing some Arise and Acid Dough under HLG 600-H in pro mix with the Nutrient Pack from Build A Soil, Recharge and I also have used Advanced Nutrients 3 Part supplemented with Big Bud, Bud candy, Overdrive and some Silica.  I have been very sparing with the nutrients though and the tips are just barely showing any signs or over fertilization. I have normally fed at 600-700 PPM and my runoff was at 900 PPM today when I watered. It has fluctuated between 900-1100 depending on if I water every 2 or 3 days. I have always watered to run off to try to make sure there are no buildups.

I am planning on going the full 70 recommended days of flower so I have 4 weeks to go from today.  I hear a lot of people say to flush for 2 weeks but if the entire point is to get the salts out from large buildups what do you all recommend I do if my runoff is only 900 now?

My water PPM is 285, so that is my starting point to get down to.

Also, any idea why some of the tops are more rounded then pointy? Only a few of them are like this on 1 plant and I don’t know why

Thank you guys!! Appreciate the help!