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Hey dgc, im having some issues with some young plants and i want to know if i should start with some new seeds or if i should try to finish these out. I have 10 ethos early lemon berry that I severely over watered for the first 15-20 days. I had algae growing on the top of my soil and my seedlings were sad looking. All my old growth has purple veins and stems and is turning yellow and brown and dying off and the new growth looks ok, roots are developing nice. Its about day 40 now and i need to either transplant soon or start over. My environment is 80 f and 65 rh in a sealed tent with 1000 ppm co2 under an hlg 550. Watering at 6-6.5 pH and have been feeding small doses of veg+bloom dirty and Recharge once a week. Any ideas? Should i start over? Did i stress these plants too much, too early?