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So I got some very helpful advice last week, and got the opportunity to learn something new, and now I need some more! Lol, My white widow autoflower is in a 2x2x5 tent with a humidifier and a spider farmer 1000 my temperature ranges from 72 to 81 degrees no more no less during veg Ir 60% Rh now during flowering it stays between 45 to 50% Rh and it absolutely loves it but I had a little deficiency no big problem I hit it with the nutrient tea and everything came back but then…… My decision to give it more flower nutrients was a mistake and I couldn’t figure out what it was so I posted it here and got some really helpful information that caused me to research other things and learn more all in all a lot of good came out of this little situation! It turns out that I had a phosphorus toxicity which was causing my leaves to burn and yellow, and the fine gentleman that gave me advice on that post while they didn’t hit it right on the head, they brought my attention to things that led me in the right direction to finding the solution and I am forever grateful for them! So I finally got my plant leveled out and it seems to be now on the upward plateau but I’m afraid that I’m going to lose a few leaves and my question is should I let them fall off by their self or should I pull them I’m afraid I’ve already affected my yield quite a bit and I don’t want to waste one more second of the plants life and I’d like to optimize it if possible the undergrowth looks great and it’s really not that many leaves that are damaged to the point that they would need to be removed but I really would love to hear some opinions before I do anything,by the way my plant is in soil if that makes any difference my pH is 6.6 and is under a 20-4 light cycle, I got into this to really critique my growing skills and I must say it has been quite a bit more challenging at times then growing outdoors.

I also included some pictures of my outdoor plant my girl is doing wonderful outdoors and honestly I don’t know what kind they are I found the bag in my freezer that said dank ass sativa and I grew them lol she’s 6ft thanks for all the great advice guys!!!! Recharge for life!!!!!