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Hello from prohibition land north-east.  After being on a hiatus for 2 and a half years I finally have the opportunity to grow again. I am setting up a rather large one this time and considering I have (22) 18 gal containers filled with canna coco and perlite mix 50/50 I thought I would reuse it again, right? However, upon moving things around and grabbing equipment and such ready for the grow space I started to notice that some, about 8 of the containers, which were converted to pots btw have these mushroom looking growths protruding from the drain holes I had made on them. Some are yellowish some are grey. I’m not sure what they are but now I’m concerned as far as using the coco. Should I scrap those containers of coco or all of it? It is a lot of coco and buying fresh coco along with perlite again would cost a good amount. I would like your opinion as to what I should do. I was using synthetic nutes, The flora series line, i know, i know, i know about GH now. lol. Were into better nutes now. And as far as beneficials go, I was using hydroguard with the bacillus ones.