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Hey DGC, love watching you guys. I’ve been watching for a couple years now. Just wanted to clarify one thing first. Must have been the fresh pressed flower rosin from my GMOxWhite OG from Oni Seed co that got me sounding all Freaky with Scotty’s feet 😉 The phrase ‘worship the ground Scotty walks on’ for his work with microbes, probably could have worked better. Walked right into that one Hahaha! Thanks for all the knowledge guys! You have even helped inspire me to start a small vegetable garden for the first time in a 10×7 greenhouse all in 3 gallon fabric pots homemade organic mix. Mostly different varieties of Tomatoes and peppers. Beans, squash, cucumbers, eggplant. A lot of work but it just feels so rewarding even though I’m pretty sure none of it will get me high. Anyway here are a few shots of the GMO x White OG

Kiss kiss, keep it Irie fellas

Levity Loveday