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What it is DGC !!!

Hope you are all enjoying that summa summa time. Calm yourself dude that’s all i’m given ya. 😄 Anyways, i was looking for some advice here in the showme state. I am a long time outdoor grower recently turned indoor novice. I have 8 plants 4 strains in a 10×12 room 15 gal bags all organic that i have scrogged for the first time. (Skywalker OG, Blue Dream, Cali Dream, and Gold Leaf) They are at the end of week 1 of flower and seem to have filled in pretty well lollipopping and defoliating. I was wondering if i needed to do another net for support once they grow a little more. Plus just any advice you can give on setup and progress so far. I want to thank you folks for all the content and grow help. I stumbled on to the show by chance and now never miss an episode. Thanks for the help and the beautiful community you’ve build for growers.