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Hey DGC families. Oklahoma grower Tokiena here. I’m currently on week five of veg on my second ever DWC grow “of my own design “ and I’m not sure if I’m training this strain correctly. It’s a uk cheese that I popped from seed shortly after Christmas. I wanted to try some Different training techniques on this one to try and Get a little more yield out of my small closet grow. I’ve been topping and tying her down to try to develop an even canopy. But to me she looks a little bit squatty. Coming in At just over 15 inches. I don’t have any experience with this strain but I have heard that they’re better left as a central cola plant. I’m growing with advanced nutrients product line under a custom built LED fixture “of my own design” I’ve included Baby pictures and current pictures. This is 30 days of growth🤷🏽‍♂️🌱🤓🤯 I took some cuttings of her just in case I don’t like how it turns out. What are your thoughts Scotty, Dude, Guru and DGC families?