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Greetings DGC,

I finally caught up on the show just before the holidays after listening to each and every episode. I have been growing for just over a year now and have the basics down… Well,  mostly… The biggest lesson I have learned is that growing weed at a 5 out of 10 is easy… Getting from 5 to 10 is the hard part,  and that’s why I listen to the show.  Thanks to the plethora of grow knowledge from the DGC I would say I’m up to a 6-7 now and clawing my way to an 8. Above 8, I think you have to sell your soul to the dude with the pitchfork!

OK,  enough BS.  My question is about strains and associated tolerances.  I have only been blazing for a couple of years now and am still a lost little fawn in cannabis culture. I understand and have experienced the effects of THC  tolerance.  I am a daily smoker and have a fairly high tolerance.  However,  the other day I smoked a joint of one strain and an hour or so later,  I had another of the same strain with minimal effects: tolerance,  right?  Well,  I immediately rolled up and smoked a different strain and BAM! Happy time!  Is it a common phenomenon to tolerate strains differently? I don’t have much of a variety of strains to play with,  but if there is anything to this,  it may affect the strains I choose.  You may have a morning strain that is nice for wake and bake,  and a second for lunchtime that isn’t affected by the first strain you had for breakfast.. And so on throughout your day.


Any experience with this?


-Sir *COUGH* Coughs *COUGH* alot *HACK*