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This here is Big Gretch! She is a Strawberry Starburst from Irie Genetics growing organic in a 25 gallon Radicle bag. We named her after our Michigan governor and she is certainly living up to her name. Out of concern this girl was going to be so large the neighbors might notice we ordered some Styrofoam tomatoes from Amazon and made decoys with wire. Not only is it just silly and funny I have been using them to weigh down some branches to open up the canopy a little.

Shout out to the Discord DGC crew Dr. Dankenstein , MasterGroDGC, Canadian Weed Nerd, StonedTroutBum, Coach Steve, PaPops, BakedPWN, DankLadyBudzFarms and everyone else I missed! It is a great community to share pics, ask questions, and just shoot the shit with about growing.

Thanks for the community and all of the knowledge!