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I haven’t been able to water my plants for a week and one of them looked very odd like it had shaped the leaves into a tennis ball.

So odd that the plants profile is ‘overwatered’ yet I know for a fact those plants were dry as a bone. Huge struggle keeping humidity above 40% this time of year even with a humidifier.

Update: Well a day went by and this didn’t get published yet so I might as well add to it. After giving them water and checking the next day, both plants perked up and immediately started to yellow.

Each 5 gallon pot has 1 bag of miraclegrow organic al-purpose + 1 bag of untreated burpee choir + 1 full dose of grow dots. I have been feeding with just 6.1ph water. ilgm GSC autos

The picture with them side-by-side is the original. Individual shots are from today Sunday. They are so tiny they look like clones. I think I’m done with ilgm for good when my beans run out.