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Hey DGC,

Been a viewer for 1.5 years now sinces MO has Medical now.  I have question i have a 4×4 tent that has 4 plants in it, i cant trellis it or i wont be about to feed the plants in the back.  My buds get  heavy on the last 3 weeks but the stems dont seem thick enough to hold my buds. i have a picture of of my grow right now, I just harvested 3 plants 1 weeks ago and have 1 (in pic) is at week 8 and i just added another one in there as more plants become ready. What can i use to make them hold their weight, i do LST them if they are needed but the genetics i have LST themselves outwards nicely, i have this problem every grow. Here is my nutes:

Nutrition mix: • 12 gallons of soil • 2 cups of worm casting as fresh as possible • 1 cup of BuildASoil craft blend • ¼ cup BuildASoil Oyster shell • ¼ cup Gaia Green glacier dust • ½ to 1 cup Schultz Perlite if needed. 🔄Mix it up thoroughly and let it sit for a 1 or 2 Weeks. Every Month top dress with the full or half amount of the above in veg except more Perlite.

Then 1 week from flipping to flower, I make compost tea using BuildASoil Home Brew 6 Pack and feed on Week 3 and Week 5 of flowering. In Flowering I top with 2 cups of worm casting, glacier dust, and use BuildASoil Bloom power mix2-10-5. Every other watering is given Turpinator 15ml per gallon, ½ Teaspoon of Recharge (once a week) and Fox Farm Big Bloom(Micronutrients) @6.5 pH. This time round i did use very low nitrogen  and got spindle growth that i clipped off as you can see gaps that should be filled. Someone told me Silica and said this is one of the best since is monosilica called Alchemist Stout MSA Silica -https://www.hawthornegc.com/shop/product/alchemist-stout-msa. Please let me know, i prefer not use bamboo, don’t want to poke my eye out as my stoned when am in my garden lol.