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Hey DGC crew!
First off you have no idea how relieved I was to find your Podcast but it has been the most help in my tent garden I have ever gotten from a media source(yes, even youtube). Right now I have a two section tank with a veg/clone section of 2x2x6 and a flowering section of 3x3x6. I currently have an alien OG and Cotton Candy Kush getting ready to transplant and move into the flowering section, but I would like these two plants to REALLY fill out the trellis in my 3×3. Everything is temperature and humidity controlled using Inkbird temp/RH controllers, a co2 bag to supplement without needing a tank/reg system and under a Bestva 1000w LED with an output of around 600w. They are about 2 months into veg seeing as I got them from clone from a washington legal rec garden and were in a bit of shock when I got them and it took a bit of TLC to get them back into good condition. My question is, with it being this late into their Vegetative growth cycle, would topping them now shock them too much to do me any good towards my end harvest weight?

Unrelated, but the cotton candy in the back seems to be only growing 3 leaflet fan leaves all over. Is this due to the stress from earlier in its life or is it common?

Thanks and I appreciate what you do for our community!