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Hey guys, love the show. I have learned more about growing cannabis than I knew was possible from listening to you guys the past year, truly appreciate what you do! Since Illinois legalized growing for medical use. I bought lots of books that were really outdated and so once I found this podcast I listen as much as possible. Guru, and Scotty have convinced me to try Recharge and I just started using it and actually see the plants loving it! I can tell they can’t wait for more ….

Here is my situation and question.

I am growing 4 plants  in a 4′ x 4′ x 72″ tent and I had a bunch of extra lights laying around so I currently have. (x1) 600 watt HPS (x1) 600 watt MH dimmed to 25% and (x1) who knows what it really is, but it did say it was a  600 watt equivalent Philzon led, I have never measured it or anything, I also am using the SolarCure UV light you guys were talking about a couple of shows ago, but I can’t tell you if it makes any difference or not since this is the first grow. I am curious if having a MH, a HPS and a LED along with the UV is a problem or not for the plants? I have read it is good to have multiple light sources or points of light but I have not seen anything about mixing spectrums. I know from ghost busters not to mix the streams but nothing about spectrums. I have another HPS bulb I can put in and just have the two 600 watt hps in the tent if this mix might be a problem, but I thought it might mimic the sun to include all of different types of light. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I really want to grow some dank and stop paying these crazy dispensary prices. Also with all these lights the lowest I can get the temp during the lights on cycle is 80 sometimes 79 degrees. Is this too hot?

Thanks for everything you guys do, it is wonderful to have found a source for quality information from people that really seem to care about the cannabis community and spreading the knowledge.

From Deep in Corn Country yours truly,