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hello once again DGC. i promise this will be my last question (no i dont) i found you guys this spring and for the first time in 25 years of growing weed thanks to you guys, i know what soil microbes are, kind of :). 25 years of miracle grow now i’m doing organic, and its a chore for sure. and because i have 3 plants in 5 gallon pots i have to make nutrient tea every week ( the ones in the ground wouldn’t need that much but they benefit from the nutrient water i use to water the 5 gallons). my weekly nutrient tea is just blood bone meal, eggshell dust vinegar mix, biochar, manure (sheep/chicken/horse/cow whatever i have), home worm castings, epson salt, rain water, molasses , bubbled for a day.Β  yes i’m a rookie and i enjoy not spending a lot of money on the girls… so my question is, with all that fuzz is it too much microbial action and is that even a thing?Β  thanks guys. (the last pic was included because i know how y’all like the cattle panel greenhouses πŸ™‚