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Hey DGC crew long time listener first time poster (wanted to say that all year). I have a 4×4 and a 3×3 in my room but i really want to maximize the space by adding a 4×8 with an enclosed environment up against my thermal lined curtains by the window. I already have a 14000btu portable dual port ac i’m using to cool my room that i can adapt for the 4×8. But i’m just wondering if there’s going to be too many tents causing too much heat and or humidity to control well. I have 150w led in the 3×3, 480w in the 4×4 and will have 1440w in the 4×8. Rolling into summer where i am so temps are around 30C during the day which is why my lights dont turn on until around 7 at night to help more with the added potential of heat stress. Really loving listening to the talks while i work, ill always end up spending an extra couple hours in the garden just because i have to replay something i missed every 10 minutes its that jampacked full of info.