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Hey DGC I’m having a little issue here and need some input to make sure my suspicions are correct. I’m growing in Fox Farm Ocean Forest with added perlite and feeding the whole Biobizz nute line with added cal-mag, fishshit, Recharge & black strap molasses. Anyway if you know Biobizz you feed every watering with no runoff and I only started adding cal-mag because I couldn’t get Ocean Forest my last run due to the covid and had to settle for roots organic original and I ran into cal-mag issue with that soil but when I got Ocean Forest back in stock for this run I just kept it going adding 2.5-5 ml per gal every watering. My girls were looking fine last night I fed and got home from work and they look like this. My thought is the excess cal-mag is causing a potassium uptake issue. So should I just cut the cal-mag or should I flush heavy and then give a normal feed minus the cal-mag of course???