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What’s up DGC?  Been listening to the podcast for about the past 2 years religiously since I stumbled across it on Spotify… haven’t missed a new episode since and I’m still making my way through the back catalog.  I’ve been growing off and on since about the year 2000, taking a few years off here and there.  I made a move recently and decided to set 2 tents up, using leds for the first time ever.  Long story short I took the plunge and grabbed an hlg 300l b-spec for the 4×4 veg tent, and a 650 r-spec for the 5×5 flower.  I’m about 3 weeks into veg, growing in coco/perlite hempy buckets, using veg+bloom nutes and recharge once a week. I’m noticing that the plants aren’t really growing as happily as before when I used HID lighting, and I’m curious if the leds are maybe working too well?  I’ve made sure to keep my pH between 5.8 to 6.0 as I’m using coco, and my feed strength hovers around 650 ppm.  Temps are high 70s to low 80s most days, and about 65-70 lights off.  From what I can tell the plants aren’t dying on me by any means, they just seem a bit slow and less happy than I’m used to.  Could the led be too much maybe?  Thanks in advance, I love and appreciate everything you do for this badass community.