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What up DGC,

G’day from down unda Dude, Scottie n Guru, been learning from you guys for a couple years now and much love and praise for what you guys do, I get a lot of love for the quality of my flowers and I owe it all to you guys cheers. I am posting today as I am running into a few issues atm and not sure of the cause I have just upgraded my gear and switched to organics and not sure where to point the finger. I’ve switched from a 4×8 tent to a 5×5 and I’m not sure if it’s too much light or nutrient issues. I’m running progrow leds in veg tent and flower also they go from my 2×4 gorilla shorty tent under a pro grow 300w ufo to my new GGT 5×5 under two progrow 500w ufo’s mounted as high as they go. I’m running coot’s mix in 10 gal grow bags and once a week feed of root roids. Not sure what’s happening they loose a lot of colour when I moved them over from beautiful lush dark green to a very light green and some burn spotting here and there. DGC please help love the show keep it up.

Much love,