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What’s up DGC, and fellow Patreons? Coming at you from crooked ass Illinois. Only state capable of ruining cannabis sales. Been at this growing thing for about 2 years to save myself some coin, haven’t had much success, but won’t give up!! Trying to do old school Mother Earth style organic, but have had too many issues to state. My lights and environment are all dialed in, but I’ve always played around with top dressing with basic nutrients, and compost teas.  Basically what I’ve come to realize, is that I’ve been giving my plants too much love.

I reset my grow and went with a basic Fert program, or so I thought…

Im using Coast Of Maine Stonington Blend soil in 5 gal fabric pots. I’ve been top dressing every other week with Dr Earth Flower Girl 3-9-4, worm castings and Recharge. On the alternate weeks, I’ve been adding a bloom booster, Roots Organic HPK 0-4-3, and Recharge. Every other watering in between is plain old filtered well water.

The 2 plants I have going are Early Lemonberry by Ethos, which is doing GREAT! The other plant is Jelly Breath by In-House. Both are just beginning week 6 of a 9-10 week journey, and both have got the same treatment. As you can see from the pics, I have excessive yellowing in the Jelly Breath. I felt it was lacking Nitrogen, so on the last watering I gave it a shot of Neptunes Harvest Hydrolyzed fish and seaweed 2-3-1

4 days later the yellow continues on. I’m so at a loss where to go from here. I’m left wondering if I’m giving too much love (nutrients) or not enough love. I’ve examined the tips of the leaves, and have very little tip burn, so I don’t feel its too much nutes.

Having a hard time deciding my next move.  Any help, suggestions, thoughts would be most greatly appreciated!!