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Yo peeps. 2nd grow ever and 1st indoor. Need answers for 2 questions. I have 4 plants in a 4×4, Northern Lights, ‘91 Christmas, Platinum OG, and a Wedding Cake. The Wedding Cake has out performed the other 3 and is very quickly approaching maximum height for my 6-1/2’ tall tent. Give me some advice regarding topping and flipping to flower as I’d like to make the flip ASAP. How long after giving her a haircut should I wait to make the flip?

As I said earlier, this is my 1st indoor grow and I have never tried to fool any plant into flowering, so I’m not familiar with all the nuances involved. Seems kinda of mean and drastic to all of a sudden, after an entire lifetime of 18-6, cut their lighting back to 12-12. Some kind of gradual progression seems less shocking. I’d like to know if this is true and if so, how to do it. How many days or weeks does this process take? Can it be done immediately? I’m clueless.