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Running 6 autos in a 4 x 4 with 7 gallon fabric pots folded down about 2 inches to make them more like 6 gallons. Bottom 2/3 is Fox farm ocean forest and happy frog mixed 50/50 with bio char added. Top third is happy frog with dynomyco mixed in around seeded area. Watered with recharge and fishshit from day one. I fed all with green aminos, mycos, kelp, Recharge and fish shit first 2 weeks and then sprayed a foliar calcarb spray. I topped 5 out of 6 and none of them missed a beat. I have 1 crem de la chem crossed with Skywalker OG from mephisto, 1 ethos pluto cut, 1 wedding cookies topped, one not, 1 purple punch from Barney’s farm, and 1 Mendel’s mystery mix. I topped all these autos at day 16. I usually am in flower around day 30 with most autos. Running half with foop now and half with Nectar for the gods using a spider farmer sf 2000, and 2 maxisun 1500 in a 4×4. Listen to the dgc everyday at work and you guys are awesome. Guru your the shit I envy your knowledge. Scotty thank you for inventing Recharge I use it consistently now. Dude thanks for the show. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep listening and update you at the end of my run. Pics are at day 28.