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Hey guys sorry this is a long 1, lots to explain. I’ve been watching the show for a couple of years and have learned loads so thanks very much. I think my main problem is because I’ve moved to dwc and buying bottled nutrients is just to expensive. So I’ve had to do a sort of fumbling around in the dark way of figuring out what’s inside the bottles. I’m still actually using my old coco bottles of A+B and cal/mag. I will soon be using a basic 3 part salt mix.

I’m using great white beneficials, powdered silicone dioxide, powdered enzymes, powdered triacontanol that I have to mix with polysorbate 20, (I will buy some powdered chitosan oligosaccharide and try it) and I have shooting powder for a booster at the end. I’m growing in a small room and can’t afford to run an A/C or dehumidifier. I’ve got fresh air venting in through a window and I’m exhausting through a hole in the wall into another room which always has a window open. So that means I’ve got very little control over temp and humidity. I just aim to keep it as low as possible and I’ve never yet had an issue. I’m growing in a 2×4 space that I built from some old frame materials I had laying around and cut some MDF panels. I’m using a 75L res that has 6 plants in the lid, although 2 of them are tiny. These had green algae worse than the rest. A small Chinese chiller, A cheap lm301 grow light, A 10 inch extraction fan and 5 inch intake, I can pump 20L of air into the water if needed.

Up until now I’ve been growing in coco using bottled nutrients and didn’t really have many problems other than every time it was time to start a new grow I’d find it would take me a while to dial in the quantity and frequency of the waterings and would have over watering issues every time for a while until I got used to them. So I decided to make sure I never have an over watering issue again by building a dwc system. So far I’ve loved it, I find it much easier to run this system than I did with coco. However I’ve had lots of problems and have learned lots for next time.

As seedlings every plant got shocked and stunted by both nitrogen toxicity and pH being off the scale high for the 1st few weeks while they were in the propagator (worst ever start). This was due to a faulty ec meter and I had bought a pH perfect stick which my understanding was I didn’t need to pH the water. However that didn’t work, it does seem to keep it within range after I’ve pH adjusted the water (not sure though)

I didn’t have anywhere near enough air pumping in the early weeks and had the beginning of brown slime. Now I’ve got 2x 4 outlet pumps each with 10l/min capacity. I run them at half power to lower noise. I also had issues with water temp, I didn’t realize I needed a chiller.

I had issues with green algae in the pebbles and fixed with hydrogen peroxide and also later by covering the res with insulation. (I ended up covering the walls of the grow space and its really helping keep out the summer heat. Its not pretty though lol I did it as an after thought so will have to do it again when the room is empty).

I also made a bit of a screw up. For some reason I thought I should use a pk booster at the beginning of flower and like a Dingus I decided to use the type that’s meant for the end of flowering 0-39-25. I hadn’t heard of pk 13/14 which I think still shouldn’t be used at the start.

This caused me to think maybe the yellowing problem is caused by toxicity. I’m pretty sure I see the brown spots of a calcium lock out but I’m really terrible at identification.

Anyway I change the water every 5-7 days and did so yesterday, skipping the booster. And I have taken a before and after photo of 1 of the tops. There’s some yellowing going on and it seems to be progressing. The buds do seem to have grown though.

I have since added some triacontanol to the res. I normally use it with kelp in a foliar spray during veg and it definitely gives a boost. I don’t see any reason why not to try it in the res. Maybe will help de stress them. That being said I’ve also read it might not be wise to use later on in flower because de stressing them could lower terpene production. I’ve heard of spraying chitosan oligosaccharide on the stems can over come this.

I’ve also got some shooting powder I was planning to use in the last few weeks. See how it goes, I hear its powerful stuff and they need to be healthy or it can burn the buds.

Anyway some help on what’s going on with the yellowing would be much appreciated. Also this pk booster stuff is way more complicated than I thought and there’s so much conflicting info out there. The best I can understand is it’s supposed to be used when the buds stop swelling but when growing from seed its hard to see when it happens. So getting the timing right is hard.

Then is shooting powder something different? I know its supposed to pile on extra bud in the last couple of weeks.

P.S. have you guys tried a heavy hitter, ball vape yet? If not why not lol. I’ve included a photo of my elev8r and my diy pinky. The wooden shelf would be better if it was metal but is there in case of hot ball leakages. If you have the money I’d recommend the flowerpot or freight train or taroma xl you don’t need to worry about spilling hot balls that melt into your carpet and catch on fire.😉 These things are game changers✌👊