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Hey hey first time grower here, I found a seed in some pineapple upside down cake (golden pineapple x wedding cake) and also 2 skywalker ghost og triangle kush seeds planted in soil both kush are in 10 gal grow bags and the pineapple just moved into a 15 gal pot. It’s been almost 2 months now and after correcting slow growth due to over-watering, I now believe I have a phosphorus and or potassium problems. I’m trying to learn about the nutrients but am having issues. I’m in a 4×4 tent with 4 mars hydro 600’s temp is 80-88 the at 75% 18\6 and want to flip to flower asap but feel I should correct this first. I need some of that dude expertise to save this grow so me and my mother can afford our own medicine down here in Florida…btw any tips to keep humidity down? I’m growing in mom’s garage central FL, thanks for any and all the help guys. Peace