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Hey everybody in the DGC,

Like most younger Canadians I grew up watching Trailer Park Boys, for anybody that hasn’t watched this series its a must-see for growers, or just people who like to laugh. Anyways there’s a few particular scenes in one of the movies (Countdown To Liquor Day) where Ricky gets the idea to build and sell Green or Recycling Bins that have been outfitted to grow a single plant. Now that everything is nice and legal up here I just had to finally make this happen. I improved a bit on Ricky’s idea in a few areas, like Panda Poly instead of Tinfoil, and cutting an access door in the back. Of course could have made things a little nicer with installing the poly, but as of right now I’m enjoying my brand new clone chamber. My next goal is to try a single auto flower in this set up and see how it all works.

Hopefully you all get as much enjoyment out of this as I get out of this community and podcast.