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Hi DGC gang,
Brand new listener turned new member. I have been binge watching past episodes and learning so much. Thank you so much for providing all the great info and looking out for the community!

Now to the question:
Doing an autoflower run this time and decided to do some light LST to even out the canopy a bit. Plants took well to it and are loving life, but they are getting very bushy. What is your opinipn on defoliating and training Autoflowers in late veg. I’m entering week 4 of veg soon and expecting to see some stretch and preflowers soon.

More grow Info Below:

Mephisto Genetics – Deez Nuggs
(Strawberry Nuggets X Orange Diesel)
Feminised Autoflower
Indica/ Sativa: 70/30
Expected cycle: 70-80 days


Seedlings sprouted in Root Riot plugs 3 weeks ago Then trasnfered into their final 5 Gal. Pots shortly after taproot poked its way out plug and roots started shooting out.

5 Gal. fabric pots.
Canna loose bag Coco with a bit of perlite mixed in

2.5 x 2.5 closet grow space

Daytime temp: 72
Humidity: 60%

Canna Coco A+B
Canna Rhizotonic
Canna Cannazyme
Canna Boost
Mammoth P

Veg Lighting:
T5 fixture – 8bulb (200w)
They were under the T5 for fiest 3 weeks

Plants are under my new rapid LED / Growmau5 V3 logic puck build (300w) 4 pucks. Lights are about 20″ above canopy, dimmed down to about 225 watts and plants are soaking all the light up.