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Hi Guys, Love the show, great advice, great insight, great nonsense too!!

I’ve been growing steadily for the past 3 years and I’m somehow getting some consistent results with training my autos that I’m getting 40″ tall plants and take from 4 to 5 months to finish. I’m adding some pics of my current grow of 4 autos. 2 I’ve been trying are and ILGM GG4 and a i49 Cheese. Along with a pair of gelatos. One is a Loud Gelato OG and the other is a Monster Gelato. The Gelatos have not been touched and are in FF with 25% more perlite added, as are the GG4 and Cheese.

My training consists of light and bending. No topping at all tho I will chop off big fan leaves blocking light while in veg and some pruning at the under sides will be done at week 3 of flower. I will bend the tops over for 5 days at time starting week 2 or so. My lights go from 18-6 at first sign they pop up. I also transplant within the first 5 days to a permanent 3 gal fabric pot. I sprinkle Great White while transplanting also.

My light goes to 18-6 around week 2-3 and then 24hrs weeks 4-5. They stay that way until O see signs of flower. Sometimes I don’t. I run my HLG 260 lights at night to conserve $ and so I can be around when they are on and I leave the plants outside during the day, weather permitting. The Gelatos are in week 6 since popping and we’re not trained and are in 24hrs of light as described above.

I will also start my Jacks 321 into feedings in week 4 as an added nitrogen boost as the FF depletes its nutes and Tribus in week 3 with all the plants at 1-3ml every watering. I’m looking at a August 1st harvest on the big girls and maybe sooner with the Gelatos. Thanks for letting me share. Questions and comments appreciated.