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What’s good everyone? The bud you are looking at is week 8 of Crystal METH Auto by Fastbuds, my penultimate harvest of 2020. Started my first medical grow in the very grey and murky area of the UK legal system last year to save my future career from being wiped out by crippling medical bills. After listening for months and finally stepping up to Patreon status, I thought I’d share my story so far.

A year ago I just happened to read some articles on auto’s being better orientated for stealth growers due to their compact and manageable size, which is a huge factor for me and has put me off growing until now.

After a small cupboard bonsai run with a fluorescent, I decided to give an attic tent a go with the intention of chucking some salt nutes into a fabric pot and watching the buds fill the rafters. I didn’t realize how wrong I was until I finally chopped them down, but it was even more of a revelation when I stumbled upon your podcast at work through a streaming app I use. Ever since then I’ve been burning through your back catalog every day, and I have to say, result!!

Since listening to the show my biggest game changer has been to dial back on the salts and focus on accommodating the soil food web. I view my watering schedule as having a feed day (salts), a digestion day (recharge) and a airation/hydration day (plain water). Especially in the case of auto’s, the best approach seems to be softly softly catchy monkey! Let the living soil and the recharge do the work.

I’ve also found a happy medium (pun intended) in using largely coco with 10% perlite and 20%peat, I would go full coco happily but I am often away for days at a time and peat gives a handy sponge like quality to the soil. Combined with the 1m x 1m “drip tray” I have, this means I can essentially switch to a more hydro orientated method when I’m away, simply by heavy top watering and then topping up the drip tray with enough water for the soil to wick up through the fabric pot. It works really reaaaally well!

Another thing you’ve brought to my attention is Co2 canisters and bags, which was also mentioned a few grow talks ago – I’ve had seemingly moderate success with a water and shake enhancer in a ventilated 3 x 6 tent, but can’t tell if it’s down to the Co2 or just the amount of research and adjustments I’ve put into my method this time round. Either way, the water and shake canisters are too expensive to use long term, so bags and homemade canister solutions are my next port of call. I will report in next cycle.

I will share my full method of auto growing next cycle as it has served me very well and seems like I’ve found the sweet spot of my attic.

Scotty is right – the value given to freedom of sharing knowledge in the DGC has been a real turning point in my growing, and in turn, my whole outlook on life. Thank you eternally to the team and the community – knowledge is power!