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I have found with Autos, topping is strain dependent, with that said I think it’s more breeder dependent. Fastbuds great for topping about all strains really do well. Mephisto is yes/no more strain dependent. Smaller breeders seem to always do well also that’s just observation of several people across forums and social media that I’ve seen. Old school UK breeders doing autos hit and miss. FastbudsI would say is king and yield is there. But check out @plan_Clabrotories on Instagram 1lb all day long. That’s just my opinion. But here is a pic of Tangie-Matic by Fastbuds, she was a mutant runt in a 2 gal pot for 36 days already started flowering and maybe theĀ  size of a soccer ball, then a 3 gal Radicle Bags came in the mail, so i transplanted the Tangie-Matic in the a 3 gal with some BigFoot Mycos and this what she is 6 weeks later.

Also last pic is the amazing ReCharge that is now offered at my local 70 mi drive hydro shop. But hey least I can buy Recharge in a red state. Thank you all on The DGC for everything you do and continue to be. From the red state we love you all and don’t stop. Happy Growing from the prohibition land.