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I’m new to the group and I had a question about transplanting from standard poting soil to super soil. Look forward to being part of the group.

I had a mystery seed in my jar that had three types of smoke in it. It’s either  Blueberry Cookies, grape nuts or OGkush breath. I should know soon since I have a clone in flower. I added it into the mix of mothers but I want to switch to organic super soil and sooner or later go to living soil.  The seed was started in a rapid rooter and then I put it in the standard Royal gold potting soil. I wanted to keep it as a mother and it has been in a 5 gallon plastic pot for 3 months and I wanted to move it into a 10 gallon fabric bag. I also wanted to use super soil. I ended up transplanting from the 5 gal that I have been using General Hydro nutes and move it into the 10 gal fabric with coast of main super soil mix with some worm casting.

Here’s my question.

Do I keep using my General Hydro stuff and still pH for a couple weeks and then start using filtered tap water or do I have to always use synthetic nutes and just dial back the PPM? I wasn’t sure if the 5 gallon root in the middle would need time to work with the super soil or if I can just switch to filtered water.

The clone flowering in the last pic was taken at week 2. Running some of the cheap bestva 1500w LED lights

Thanks for the help!