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I tried to even it out as much as I could I should’ve started earlier the stems are getting hard one of them cracked on me bad and I had to tape it up beside that one it’s a little more even now. I just gotta cut some more on the bottom not on all of them but there are a few that I needed to cut more and decided to wait another 2-3 days so I don’t put it under so much stress. All in all this grow has been going pretty smooth. I haven’t really faced no problem besides pH problems earlier on and some heat stress and nitrogen deficiency. what do you guys think I’ll get from these 4 autos in my 4×4 tent? I’m hoping for 2 p’s but 1 and half would make me happy also. I know my other 7 girls that aren’t auto flowers i’m gonna be way more on those and gonna make sure it’s a real nice even canopy.