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What up DGC Community, Scotty Real, The Dude, and Guru, just wanted to post an update on my grow, I posted a few months back about battling low humidity, well, 4 months later, I am posting an update of my grow, I have Maui Waui, and Wonder Women, the growth was slow, but the results are fantastic.. I was struggling with humidity in the 20’s due to winter weather in VT, running a hot air furnace, being a rental, didn’t want to make anything more conspicuous as is. Any how, I posted a pic of the Maui and Wonder, week 9, getting frosty, using 600w HPS Horticulture, Canna Synthetic Line, Recharge, and Canna Terra Soil, still need to send you three Heady Topper, Focal Banger, and Sip of Sunshine, my apologizes on the delay Scotty, DGC Crew thanks again for a great community.