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So I finally figured out how to hold my Jewelers loupe up to my phone and really get a great view of the trichomes. When do you take the ladies? I’ve always heard between 10% – 30% Amber trichs for a general rule of thumb. I’ve also heard that harvesting when they are all still cloudy will give the smoke a bit more of a racy effect. And taking them later will give a more groggy effect.Is this all true? What’s with CBNs? Also since this is the first time I’ve really seen the trichome heads of my own grow would you consider these milky, clear, or somewhere in between. I’d love to see side by side comparisons showing the different life stages of the trichome. If anyone has a link to a post on here I’d love to check it out. These are autos that should be ready for harvest 16 days from now. Are they on schedule? Dank nug post detailing this grow is coming soon….