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Yo DGC. This one is special to me. My keeper pheno of Tropicana chem from covert genetics. Covert is on seeds here now I believe. This is Tropicana cookies x chem de La chem. Grown under cmh and hlg qbs using knf/jadam inputs in 2.5 sub irrigation Planter trash cans. Stupid easy and fast to root from clone but she’s a stretchy one. Triples in size from flip, doesn’t stack much but has golf ball sized dense nugs all over it. The bud is all bud and trich, there’s a leaf or two here and there but it’s all bud.

The terpenes though. Ta die for. It’s a musty mango floral funk that can be smelled over anything else growing and don’t get it on your hands or you’ll smell like pot the rest of the day. This one cost me $300cad at a hotel because I opened the jar to roll up some joints and couldn’t get the smell to go away and they swore I smoked in the room. I didn’t, it’s just loud! Oh well $300cad is only like $5usd.

Peace! ✌️