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Hey DGC and fellow growers. Had a question on my second grow ever been watching a lot of videos on growing organic. So i think ima try and figure this out. I’m growing in a 3 x 3 grow tent with the mars hydro ts1000 i just started 9 seeds from dna genetics og 18 skywalker and kosher kush. There in small nursery pots 95 percent germinated. I’m using ocean forest soil. Just got a hold of some down to earth nutrients 2.8.4 and 4.8.4. And some worm casting. And always some Recharge what r you thoughts on pre-amending the soil and transplanting them in a few weeks. Will this be to much in ocean forest from what i heard that it’s a lot harder to burn plants in organics but its still possible. What are the DGC family thoughts on doing this and how should i do it? thanks guys for helping me with OUR grow… stay lifted.