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Shout out to the DGC!

I have a question for the crew. I received my order of New Millenium Winter Frost today. I think it arrived in time to use on this run of Critical Kush(all clones). I flipped the girls to 12/12 on August 15. I have 2-3 weeks left on them before harvest and am looking for some guidance in its use. I am running a SOG of 9 one gallon nursery pots that have been watered and fed lightly(Armor Si, FFBigBloom, FloraNovaBloom,cal-mag alternated with epsom salts, Recharge, and Mammoth P) almost every day. Most of the water/feeds have been of the butt chug type. The pots are setting in recycled Chinese Take Out containers(it beats buying saucers) that are perfect for pouring into. About one cup at a time. By the time I water the 9th pot, the first one has sucked her dish dry, and I give them all another cup. They get about 1 pint each a day at about 500-600 ppm every other day. So far, so good…

Now I’d like to try the Winter Frost. How best to incorporate it into my regimen? I planned on feeding one more week(3 feeds/3 waters) before  using straight RO water for 1-2 weeks(until terps say to harvest). Should I add it to my other nutes for a week before using it during “flush”? What kinds of results should I expect versus without the Frost. I am thinking of leaving 3 or 4 without it as a control group for comparison.

What say the DGC???

Stay elevated!