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Good Harvest Month to many in the DGC!

And THANX to the entire crew for all the help, knowledge and inspiration!

I am one of the lucky DGC members trying the Mond… I mean Grow Dots… and I have one Ethos Genetics Chem D Auto in a 5 gallon fabric pot with 5 Tbsp/75g mixed in with a 5:1 mix of FF Happy Frog/medium size perlite, and second Chem D Auto in the same mix but with 6 Tbsp/90g in a 5 gallon fabric pot. The lower application rate’s plant is kicking ass and has taken her training very well. The second plant doesn’t have much in the way of lateral branches, but she’s flowering nicely.

Just R.O. water and R.O. water with Recharge every other time… I am impressed!

I just transplanted an LSD-25 Auto by FastBuds420 into a 5 gallon fabric pot of this mix, but with 7 Tbsp/105g(The highest of the recommended test doses) of the mondots incorporated into it.

The one thing to consider before trying the higher rate(I’m just testing it with no positive expectations… I almost expect a nute burn, but we’ll see.) is that the difference between to sister plants phenotypes can be very big. On my last run of the LSD-25, I had one grow out beautifully, while her sister was a runt with no lateral branches. Just a stalk with buds. It smoked great, but I worry that this trial using Mon… er , Grow Dots at a high rate could be a bit much if it turns out to be another runt. Only time will tell. I’ll let the DGC see what happens in a couple of months.

Stay elevated,