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I’m trying to figure out why my microbe teas don’t foam up. I built a microbe tea brewer out of a plastic 55 gallon barrel using 2 air pumps, an aquarium heater and various pvc fittings. I have plenty of agitation and oxygen from the pumps and the aquarium heater is set to 75°F. I can feel the water warm up after a few hours so I know that the heater is working. My ingredients in the mesh bag is 2 handfuls of Bu’s Blend biodynamic compost, 2 handfuls of worm castings, 2 handfuls of garden magic compost and manure, 2 handfuls of Buffaloam, 2 handfuls of alfalfa meal, a cup of Alaska fish fertilizer, and a cup of molasses. Thank you for everything you do to help and unite this community of ours. Grower love, peace.

p.s. Me and dude are gonna be running around Denver shirtless in July for the DGC Cup 2020. #SummaSummaSumertime 😂