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Guys I noticed something in a lot or grow videos and pictures I’ve seen even by great growers it’s their airflow arrangement. Knowing that Scotty has an HVAC background and speaks on it a lot this might be one for the Dudes. I see people running and bending convoluted pipe everywhere. This is a big no no. X amount of airflow and pressure is lost in a convoluted pipe vs straight pipe. If you bend convoluted pipe one time you can lose 100%. Every 90 degree turn cuts flow by X %. By the way X’s are for Guru and the guys to fill in.

Another thing is not understanding pressure and in using size adapters and components incorrectly. For example attaching a 6” Carbon filter to a 4” inlet/outlet fan for improved airflow does nothing except gain longer life with the bigger filter and the fan. With pipes (water, air, hydraulics) the positive and negative pressure on either end are equal to the small restriction in the line. Like a vacuum slowly restrict the vacuum side and the positive hose air reduces. In the above the 6” Carbon filter is equivalent to the 4” adapter restrictions so the airflow pressures are the same. I would say that everyone using convoluted pipe and/or size and angle adapters will benefit greatly from correcting these little issues. Improve temperature, heat, humidity and environmental VPD control with better airflow. While I don’t know the engineer factors I know it from a a life in the textile industry where if your air balance is off everything goes sideways fast. To add clarity and expertise it would be great if the guys or someone more technically proficient would explain airflow and pressure(s) and get it out to all the DGC community. I didn’t even attempt to explain, just to bring up the discussion and a few tidbits so y’all with more knowledge and expertise would know where I was going and be able to explain and express it concisely. Love the DGC, the Guys and producers. Happy Growing.

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