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Loving what I’ve run from Twenty20!  This was my 2nd time running some of their gear, loved the Snowcaine so naturally had to run the 2.0!  Pre-98 Bubba  on the left, and 2 obviously different phenos for the Snowcaine 2.0 on the right.  The back right had a couple extra weeks of veg time and came out a massive yielder, but the front right brought the goods, so much purple frostiness!

These were run in a AC Infinity 5×5 with 2x HLG 350R’s and an RDWC system.  This was the first run in a new room I built, loving the control I have with a proper lung room!

I found this RDWC to be the easiest grow style to maintain with my busy life, despite how much Scotty rips on DWC!