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Ran Jacks last year drain/waste in RO 707.  Didn’t use a TDS/PPM meter.  Fertilized with RO notes and pH watered them –  chronically over-watered to be precise.  Did look at ppms during flush attempt and were off the chart.  Had huge buds with acceptable buzz so knuckled-down with Cervantes and Rosenthal again along with some good growers on YouTube and thought I’d give it another run this Winter.  I grow in a tent, in a shed, in the Coachella Valley.  With an Infinity variable-speed fan and attentiveness I’m able to reasonably control temps/humidity.

Thought I was a lot smarter this year intending to use RO water and sampling runoff at every feeding/watering.  Caught with my pants down on seeds to pop and resorted to buy from local dispensary.  Lesson learned – if the vendor hides his seeds from view – don’t buy ’em.  These shouldn’t have been boxed up.  At any rate – I got 13 to pop (two strains of 13 each).  The weakest looking surprised me and are my two tent stars!  Growing in a Gorilla 4×4 with four plants making the final cut.

Flying blind last year the only problem I saw was yellowing leaves on in to flower.  This run seemed like one danged thing after another.  Initial runoffs (watering only) in all the trays showed ppms in the 4-5K range with pH’s in the mid fives.  Needless to say I’ve barely touched my nutes (Botanicare) this time.  32 days in to flower today and one plant has never been fertilized with ppms still in the 1500 range.  Talked to my supplier about hot soil comments from other growers and got a dumb look.

The RO water change has been confusing also.  Product from the machines here in the Valley is clean.  Zip ppms.  You can’t pH RO without adding something to it so that creates interesting scenarios.  How do you just (water) when running RO?  So I tried mixing our tap here (great tasting water but 240 ppms) with the RO to product a product at 150 ppms that I can pH.  My books tell me 150 feed water is perfect.  Saw all kinds of leaf necrosis ugliness pop up in one of the strains (not the other).  I’m guessing nutrient lockout from one damn thing or another – but plants have not been over-watered this year.  Since I couldn’t fertilize for the hot soil it couldn’t be my over-fertilizing.  Straight-up, I began to lightly apply some nutes along with some mollasses the last couple weeks – damn the runoff ppms.

So, I have lots of buds, some not bad size, but I want to do better.

First problem to correct is the genetics – I already have seed from HSC for next run.

Second problem – hot soil.  What good is a grow soil when it’s too hot to do anything with?  I’ve seen comments about not needing to use Cal-Mag when growing in soil.  Is this legit?  I’ve been looking at Pro-Mix which is advertised basically as peat, perlite, and mycorrihizae. Comments?  I would like to be in complete control of nutrients when I get my ladies to flower.  I have been using Recharge.

Third – the RO.  How do you all water with it?  I’m all in with adding nutes to RO – then pH adjusting; but when I just want to water . . . WTF?  Mixing local tap with the RO to get to 150 and pH-able reasonable?  Is Cal-Mag needed then?  Do you Cal-Mag during flower?

Okay – that’s enough.  Reasoned analyses appreciated.