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What’s up everyone first I just want to say I appreciate all this great content the search bar on this site is an invaluable tool so thanks to the Crew and the community for making this a thing.

I have a few questions I have these six plants in veg reg seeds that were freebies from seeds here now. They took off with such vigor I got really excited until about 2 weeks ago the leaves started curling up on the edges and taking on this twisted look. They are in a quality coco 1 gal pots my temp and humidity is pretty good I think 75-80 60-65%.  I’m using New Millennium nutes. No added cal mag at this point although my water measures 0 ppm. From my research this could be caused from root stress.  I have been dealing with a gnat problem that went from 0-50 in what seems like over night. I suspect they came from some worm castings that I added when I transplanted. Could this leaf curling be caused from a gnat infestation? Or is it a more serious pest? I scoped a few of the worst leaves and couldn’t see anything.  Christmas Eve I sprayed them with an insecticidal soap and resprayed this morning. I’m in week 3-4 of veg and they have slowed down considerably in the last week and a half. My pH in and out is 5.9-6.1. My water schedule has been every 3-4 days max once the gnats started to take hold I have been trying to really let them dry out as much as possible. Should I just throw these into a snow bank and start over or can I turn this around? I treated with nematodes about a week ago with no positive result on the fly population and am currently waiting on delivery of a second treatment.   I’m sure I’m missing info so let me know. I have three plants in another tent in the same room that are healthy and ready to flower no gnats no leaf curling.