So i screwed up and knocked over two newly planted solo cups. When i put it back together, a week later i have one empty solo cup and one with two seedlings. One of those seeds was very rare and it was my last one. I do not want to terminate those two plants. Can the coexist in the same 5 gall pot? My thought process is i am not topping those because that may cause a mess. If i top the other ones i have to figure out a way to keep the canopy level without a scrog(i dnt scrog). Lst prob. And yes once again u can see it lools like a mag deficiency. I am doing everything right and dnt understand why this happens every grow. This isnt bad though. Its usually worse in early veg then goes away. Its not the ph,nutrient, nor the environment. Its coco and u cant really overwater coco but maybe u can? Idk. I use cultivation nation fox farm coco and its suppose to be good to go out of the bag so i dnt rinse it. I dnt dryback much at all. This doesnt happen to me when i grow in super soil. I will measure my runoff next watering and see whats going on.