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What’s up DGC?  This is my first post ever, but have been a fan since the beginning. You guys and the DGC community are the shit, and continuously make my day. I Look forward to hearing the show each day on the drive to work and read through the forum by night. I’ve been growing for 20 years in soil organically and have had many ups and downs and experimentation in my grows. Now that the Ganja is legal up here in Vermont, I’m not afraid to speak my mind online.

Overview: I have an outdoor grow with two clones from the same cut of Bodhi’s “Field Trip” GSCXSSDD in a 50 gal. Smart pot. I’ve grow this strain out several times and never lets me down. Straight Delish and gives you that mind erasing high.  I decided to put two clones in the same smart pot to save space in the yard and experiment to see if I notice any synergistic effects. I read that plants in the same pots or beds can help each other, love each other etc. I’m not sure if this is true now that one is not doing as well as the other. Maybe nature is truly a game of survival of the fittest and they are out-competing each other for nutrients. Both were a beautiful lime green and thriving up until about 2-3 week into flower. The slightly larger of the 2 (on the left) in photos is now showing signs of nutrient deficiency, possible lack of P or K. The smaller one (on the right) is still as healthy as can be. I’ve never seen a post on this topic and though the community could give their knowledge.

Questions: How can this happen with same strain, same soil, same water, etc…? Is it because one is the slightest bit larger and needing more nutes? What should I do? I don’t want to overfeed or under feed either plant. How can I revive the plant on the left side?


  • GSCxSSD 2 weeks flower, outdoor, Organically grown
  • Soil: Vermont Compost Company “Fort Lite” soil mix amended with EWC and BU’s Blend, Rock dusts, Neem meal, aloe powder, silica, kelp meal, lobster meal, insect frass.
  • Ferts: I top dress with compost, EWC, and make seed sprouted teas of alfalfa, barley, and corn and with Mammoth P.
  • AND of course Recharge!

Thank you for all that you do! Much love from Vermont and the Green Mountains. P.S you should give some Vermont lovin on your show 😉 Don’t hear about us much, but we been keepin it real up here for many years and we have some amazing stuff going on. Peace.