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Hey guys I’m new to the channel and growing. I’m on F28 of my first grow now. I’ve got 4 GlueBerry OG flowering and I’ve had a few hiccups along the way but there’s not much I can do to change that one! I’m writing for advice on my second grow. Stuff I should have researched and asked about before I even started but hey.. I just wanted to see if those seeds would pop!

I’ll get right into it. I’m waiting on a 2×4 tent to be delivered this week from amazon but I’ll list it here anyway as its on its way. Both tents are located in a medium size laundry/furnace room in a corner with great window access. I’m on the east coast so the humidity in the house on average is around 35%.

Flower Tent: 4×4, 6″ carbon filter/fan, HLG 550 V2

Veg Tent: 2×4, 4″ filter/fan, 4×46″ Sunblaster T5HO 6400k (216w)

Assortment of fans, 2 gal humidifier, Inkbird temperature & humidity controllers.

Basically I’m having trouble figuring out the best ventilation setup for my circumstances. Should I combine exhausts and vent outside? Should I leave each separate and vent outside? Should I vent into the room the tents are located in? Do I need intake fans or is passive ok? How can I maintain proper vpd and humidity when I’m supposed to constantly be cycling fresh air through my tents? Won’t my humidifier just be fighting my exhaust? Should I dehumidify my room or tent during flower? I’ve got so many questions my head hurts. I just want a 4-6 plant perpetual harvest so the wife and I don’t have to look for decent bud anymore and I need help figuring out the best way to run my equipment for yield & efficiency. I can’t find any solid info on ventilation options for tent growers. I don’t even wanna ask about CO2.. but I kinda of do.. Please help.

The pictures I sent are of my laundry/furnace room area. I’ve got a great little spot to veg and some utility shelves for nutrients and supplies. When my tent arrives I’ll be replacing the veg cupboard area with the tent as it’s measured to be a perfect fit. I’ve seen guys vent two tents with one fan and different setups. I’ve got decent access to windows on either side of each tent. Any tiny little bit of advice would be great. I hope to hear from you guys! Thanks a million for reading all of this!