With more and more locations allowing recreational cannabis, it is much easier for people to explore different strains and work out the type of marijuana product that will be best for them. Whether you want something that can give you relaxation and keep you energized or you are looking for something with significant pain-killing properties, there are many different strains out there.

What is a marijuana strain?

The marijuana plant comes in many different variations that have grown and evolved differently, known as “strains”. When you go to a recreational marijuana dispensary you don’t get one choice, you get loads of different strains, all of which have different interactions with the brain and body and make you feel slightly different.

There are two main types and plenty of strains within these varieties. Indica and Sativa are the categories, and Indica strains are generally quite sedating and relaxing, while Sativa has more of an uplifting and energizing impact on the body, good for things like depression and fatigue.

There are also hybrid strains that are bred with properties from multiple other strains. 

Different types of strains

Let’s dive into some of the strains out there and how they can vary. 


Blue Dream

The Blue Dream cannabis strain has a high level of THC. It can give an uplifting sort of euphoria and is a good option for those who want pain relief without feeling too much sedation. The pain control properties have made this strain pretty famous but it is still possible to remain very active and productive while using it.

Acapulco Gold

This is a very high THC strain with quick effects on your brain, it can uplift your mood while also providing pain relief. It is analgesic and has a very strong head high. The name comes from the fact that this strain originated in Mexico.

Purple Kush

This is a hybrid with Indica dominance and a strong sweet and sour taste, reminiscent of berries. It is a strong sedative which means that it is good for pain and insomnia, helping people get to sleep if they are struggling with chronic pain. It isn’t best for those who want a super productive day, but it is great for evening use.

Granddaddy Purple

Another strain that is highly sedative, and great for pain relief. It’s got the smell of sweet fruits such as grapes and can be identified due to its big buds, with a purple color to them. It’s easy to smoke, but keep in mind the fact that this could well leave you feeling very mellow and tired.

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Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel, often abbreviated to Sour D, is named such because it really does smell like diesel fuel. With high THC levels, this is only good for those who have plenty of experience, but if you fall into that category then the fact that it is so stimulating can be very appealing and means you should avoid any negative impacts such as paranoia that have been known when people smoke Sour Diesel. 

How to Choose a Marijuana Strain

Choosing a marijuana strain is all about working out what you think will be best for your own needs. Do you want something to calm you down or relax or kill some pain that you are experiencing due to injury? There is also no harm in trying a few different strains to see what works best for you, but there is likely to be a strain that has the most benefits for you, and that could be the one you stick with the majority of the time. 


With so many hybrids out there today it is possible to choose the ideal option for you and your own personal needs. For instance, if you are looking to stay alert all day and you are experienced in marijuana then Sour Diesel could be a great option for you. It’s important to choose something suitable for your needs to optimize your experience, and ensure you have a good time.