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So i started this plant to give a little help before starting my first grow and boy am I learning. My plant has had a hard life being started in some miracle grow along with some native soil (basically sand) from where I live. I didn’t start this plant! My pops did and let’s just say he doesn’t really have a green thumb. So over two weeks of stunted growth being in the cold, not right lighting, ect. I decided to take it over.

I went with what I was able to get (which isn’t great) and transplanted it into a 5 gal pot roughly using an organic potting soil mix that had some worm casting mixed with a cow maure/compost mix I bought from the local hardware store. I’m in prohibition land so there ya go. I purchased some recharge thinking that would help out a bit but it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. I started using it about three weeks ago using a 1/4 tsp for a half gallon of water. I’m using tap water that’s been filtered through a brita filter. I haven’t tested the water or pH’d it because those tools are pretty expensive along with the soil tester. Recharge has been the only thing I’ve been feeding to the plant as well. I noticed some leaf tip burn and a little but of leaf yellowing about three weeks ago and now I’m having what I think is a calcium deficiency. I was trying to stay as organic as possible with my next grows and didn’t know if it was too late to fix this problem organically. Let me know what ya think from the pictures!