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Wassup DGC.

I’d like to introduce myself properly and show my current plants. I’ve been growing for over 9 years, have tried hydro, soil, Coco, every snake oil, magic potion they sell over the years.

Most recently I was growing in Coco and had good success using advanced pH perfect range. A trial pack of mills nutrients led to a change in brand and again led to some very nice harvests, beautiful smelling weed.

Since last year I’ve been a listener to this and other podcasts and listening to the general advice, I decided to go (mostly) organic for this run.

The plants have been grown in biobizz light mix soil during veg, potted up into batmix for flower. Transplants were 1 liter, 3 liter, 30 liter pots.

The girls have been treated with mykos at transplant and fed with mono silicic acid supplement (mills vitalize), bactivator which is a  beneficial bacteria supplement and fed biobizz fish mix, now bloom and topmax as the plants are in flower. Foliar sprays of algamic and fulvic acid have also been used weekly until the 2nd week of 12/12.

Since last week the plants have been on recharge, ordered from Amazon UK and are being given a weekly treat.

I have never seen plants this healthy and lush. They are now just into the 4th week of 12/12, under a 600 hps, vegged under MH.

The final picture is of 4 cheese plants, on the same regimen as the others, but in a different tent.

I have been using recharge on my cuttings and root growth is vigorous an improvement on last time where they struggled to transition from the bubble cloner bare roots to the soil. This time they are nice and healthy, the only change is the recharge.

Anyway, thanks for all you do guys, big fan, I wish I were able to come to events like the DGC cup, but I’m a long way away.