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Hey DGC, so my problem I’m having is getting true accurate information. Looking something up online can be helpful but also can point you in the complete wrong direction. That being said I have been trying to figure out what am I suppose to be actually doing when it comes to watering and giving nutrients to my plants. I use the whole roots organics liquid nutrient line. It is certified by the cdfa which I was told by my grow store that it is one of the harder ones to get for being organic. I don’t know but anyways, what I usually do when it comes to nute days I mix my nutes in tap water that’s been sitting for at least 48 hours and then I aerate it for 24 hours and pH it to 6.0 then go and water my plants with that until I get no more then a 20% run off from what I put into the fabric pot ( in the process to switching to radicle bags I have a couple now they kick ass!!!). Then I usually measure my pH every time I water/nute/or Recharge. I use to check my ppm but stopped because it was pointless I was seeing like 6000 ppm and up just craziness I thought and the plants looked fine. But that brings me to the reason I’m writing this.

Do I need to be watering until runoff every time I go to water or feed my plants?

Do I need to be checking my p.h. of my runoff at all?

Do i need to even p.h. my water before i go to water. ( my p.h. is 9.5. Out the tap but after i let it sit for a couple days it drops to about 7.5-7.8 but I’ve seen it go to like 6.7).

I’ve been using the feeding schedule they have and I’ve heard dude say and other people that it’s really hard to burn plants being organic. I see nute burn on the tips of me leaves all the time. I just want to make sure I’m doing this the way its suppose to be done. If you need any more information just let me know thanks.

What’s the correct way I should be doing all this? Please if someone could help I really would appreciate it.

– Mr. StankDank BasementGrower