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Hey DGC crew, I just started my very first grow ever! Became a DGC member at the beginning of the month, I’ve learned a whole bunch so far and still learning more all the time. I found this VPD chart searching previous questions from here and the key at the top shows for propagation/early veg the RH is 82 to 75 percent at 83 degrees (the temp in my tent). how long should the RH be that high? I’m in a 2×4 tent – RapidLed 2×4 DIY kit (that I got a smokin’ deal with by using the DGC code), 3 Gallon vivosun fabric pots with FF HF and LW at a 50/50 mix, top feeding with FF HF dry amendments and watering with Recharge,  Inkbird Temp and humidity controllers, small humidifier and de-humidifer, Vivosun fan powered by cooling outlet on Inkbird, and small heater. I planted the seeds directly into soil with some mycorrhiza sprinkled in with it, a shot glass of distilled water, and clear solo cups as humidity domes (sometimes you gotta use what you have). Planted on Friday and two were up on Monday afternoon 3rd came up on Tuesday and does not look happy (might have gotten too much water). The two now have their first true leaves on them (Wednesday) .

When do I know to start using the “Healthy Transpiration” curves ?
Most videos I have watched they take the domes off after the first set of leaves appear
I Don’t have a pulse grow monitor yet because I’m still recuperating from the initial cost of everything else, but I can remotely monitor the temperature and see the curves if any with my BBQ thermostat (lol).

Last question: How important is a night time temp drop? The Inkbird controllers don’t have a day/night setting, but I could manually adjust it every night and morning. I try to keep it at 83-85 in the tent, sometimes it will drop to 79 for a short period after lights off. everyday is exciting to get home and see the changes it made while I was gone.